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We create and plan unique, beautiful and intentional weddings, events and designs. Our designs are modern, minimal with a sprinkle of boho or vintage. We love using colour but can also be suckers for neutral palettes. 

The moon is a symbol of femininity, creativity, magic and love. It has been a muse to creatives throughout time. Including us! Here at Moonlit, we instill each of those attributes in every project. 

Our ideal clients aren't afraid to step out of the box and forego traditions. They don't take themselves too seriously and love to have a good time.

We love connecting with each and every person we meet and creating long lasting friendships that will last well beyond the event.  

It's truly a labour of love - we love what we do and we will work by your side to make your dreams a reality and create an event that is true to who you are. But most importantly, it's important to us that the process makes you happy and excited.

We can't wait to make some magic with you!


" Be the moon and inspire people..."

a.k.a Estef

Growing up in Venezuela, there was always an excuse to throw a party and go all out. I grew up attending the most epic kid's parties, Christmas' and New Years were THE events of the year and of course the weddings. The weddings there were massive, lavish and went until the sun came up. This is what caused me to realize pretty early on in my life that my passion was creating killer guest experiences, transforming spaces and styling just about anything. I took that passion and channeled into Event Planning. After graduating from the Special Events Planning program at George Brown College in Toronto, I furthered my knowledge of design and planning in some of the most beautiful venues in the city, planning events ranging from product launches to luxurious weddings and baby showers.

After some time, I found out I was expecting a baby myself! Still set on my true passion and furthering my career while tackling mom life, I chose to put all of my experience to use and launch my own business.

When I am not planning weddings and events, I enjoy being with my husband, daughter, family and friends. I love a good book, R&B, blues and reggae,  a classic pair of sneakers, Quentin Tarantino movies, murder documentaries and reality TV (embarrassingly) I love red wine, coffee, all of the pasta and dark chocolate (I am talking dark - 75% and up!). I live for tropical getaways and could spend hours exploring a natural food store (and Indigo).

I can’t wait to meet you and get the planning started!



In my last year of high school - everyone knew that they wanted to go into business school, med school, become a lawyer or had some sort of plan. I, on the other hand, had no idea what to do! I kept searching and thinking what I wanted to pursue as my career, but I wanted it to be something that I would love and be 100% passionate about. One early-morning, I literally woke up and had the biggest AHA moment. Not exactly sure why or how, but I knew I was made to be a wedding planner!

I loved working with people, and I also loved organizing and being involved in every aspect of ANY type of event for as long as I could remember. I am a romantic at heart and love celebrating love! So, I searched and decided to begin by studying Marketing and obtain all the business skills necessary to create my own business. I helped all my friends with their weddings, worked with different vendors, and was part of different local events, and worked selling wedding gowns while in school. 

After years and years of working my way into the wedding industry, I met Estef! We just CLICKED and have embarked in this wild and exciting journey together. I cannot wait to be able to be a part of your special day and make it come to live - just the way you've dreamed! 


digital Marketing manager
Lead WEDDING Planner


The road that got me to this point is a winding one. Full of many adventures, chance encounters, and more than a handful of detours. But one constant throughout the journey has been an intense need to serve others, spread love and joy & create more beauty in the world. 
In my teenage years, I found that I could fulfill these personal needs within the hospitality industry. I spent over 10 years working in hospitality, in one capacity or another. From busser to trainer, fine dining to casual BBQ, intimate private dinners to large scale events, I have pretty much worked it all. And learned so much in the process. Not only about food, drink, service & hospitality, but about people.  
After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier with a BA Communication Studies + Management Option (SBE), I explored a few different avenues while still maintaining my career in hospitality. Then, things really clicked when I embraced my love of styling and began a diploma in Interior Design. But just after the halfway mark, we found out the exciting news that we were expecting a little boy.  
-owner of a local photo booth business called Happy Hour Photo Co. and am over the moon, pun intended, to have met Estefania and am continuing my journey alongside her!
The pisces in me loves thoughtful details, dreamy visuals, and not just how things look but how things feel. The mother in me loves creative problem solving, collaborative positive communication and going with the flow. And the community member in me loves creating connections with other local entrepreneurs, and bettering our community for everyone. 
But most of all, I love authenticity. Whether it’s effectively embodying your brand’s essence through a Moonlit Creative Co. executed community event, or ensuring your wedding day leaves starry-eyed guests saying “that was SO them”; I want to help you tell YOUR story.  
I am so looking forward to meeting you & making some magic! 


Photography on site by: Maddie Mellott, Madison Rose, Calyssa Lorraine, JinBon, Jess Imrie, Mango Studios, On The Edge, Simply Curate Co.